In-School Training

In-School Training

Mike is a highly experienced, inspirational trainer who works with schools throughout the UK and overseas. His training retains a practical focus throughout, ensuring participants are always equipped with tried-and-tested, ready-to-use practical strategies they can employ in their own classrooms.

Staff Training

With full-day, half-day and twilight options, Mike can tailor his Growth Mindsets training to meet the needs of your school or college. Typical sessions include:

  • Introducing Growth Mindsets: Understanding Dweck’s Research and How the Brain Works
  • Turning Growth Mindset Theory into Classroom Reality
  • Using Feedback to Empower Learners
  • Rethinking Mistakes and Failure: Helping Learners to Embrace Challenges
  • Thinking About Thinking – Building a Metacognitive Classroom

To get in touch with Mike or to make a booking, simply drop him a line through the contact form. Once he knows your requirements he can put together a bespoke Growth Mindsets training schedule that matches the needs of you and your school.

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Pupil Workshops and Assemblies

Mike’s engaging and inspiring workshops and assemblies are the perfect way to switch your students on to Growth Mindset ideas. Calling on his extensive teaching experience, Mike has crafted a series of sessions designed to help students understand the power of their brains, and the way in which your thinking influences your learning.

Whether working with primary or secondary age students, Mike’s motivational Growth Mindset message is always coupled with practical strategies learners can take away and use in their day-to-day lessons.

Workshops and assemblies are available on a standalone basis or can be bundle together with half-day and twilight staff training. Get in touch now to find out more.

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Parent Workshops

Taking the Growth Mindset message to parents is a vital step in your school’s Growth Mindset journey. If students are hearing the same messages at school and at home, then their development as learners is likely to be that much more effective.

Mike’s parent workshops give mums, dads, grandparents and carers an engaging insight into the key ideas behind Growth Mindsets, as well as helping them to understand how the brain really works. They also outline and explain five key strategies every parent can use to help promote Growth Mindsets at home.

Parent workshops are available on a standalone basis, or can be bundle together with staff training and/or student workshops. Get in touch now to find out more.

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