4. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Research

4. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Research

Carol Dweck is Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Her research into motivation, personality and development led her to state and define the terms growth mindset and fixed mindset. Through her work she has developed the theory that individuals possess implicit theories of intelligence, with these sitting on a continuum running from growth mindset at one end to fixed mindset at the other.

Dweck’s work suggests that those individuals with a fixed mindset believe that success is a result of innate factors, whereas those with a growth mindset see it as a result of hard work, persistence, training and learning.

There are two key books written by Dweck which explore and explain her research. The first is an academic text called ‘Self-theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality and Development’. The second is a book aimed at a mainstream audience, called ‘Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential’.

Lots of material is also available online, including video footage as well as text. Here is a collection of links for you to explore:


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4. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Research

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