About Mike Gershon

Mike works throughout the UK and overseas delivering training to teachers on how to improve their practice, raise achievement and change the mindsets of their students.

He also consults for a variety of schools, business and organisations, using his expertise around teaching and learning to help them improve their work, develop new products and give learners the very best chance of being successful.

After completing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of York and a Master’s degree at the University of London, Mike trained to teach at the Institute of Education, now part of UCL. On completing his PGCE he was commended by the board of studies.

He began his teaching career in central London, before moving to Suffolk, where he continued to teach part-time and began to publish books, deliver training and develop his business – Gershon Learning Limited.

Mike’s key interest is in teaching and learning and translating the findings of research into classroom reality. He is passionate about supporting teachers, schools and organisations to deliver the best possible outcomes for learners. Naturally, this led Mike to develop an interest in Growth Mindsets, which he has gone onto develop into inspiring in-school training, workshops for students and parents, and online training in partnership with the TES.